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100+ Mesh Gradient -Dreamy Pack

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Update [27/02/2022]

Thank you all for the support, We are now 1000+ Stronger and still going.
Btw we are trending in "Figma Community"

What does the pack include?

  • 100+ Mesh gradients
  • Included Figma file, Updates Bi-weekly
  • Cover images

Instructions to get your Pack:

Step 1: Once purchased, it will direct you to the link.

Step 2 : Click on the duplicate icon(Reference as shown in the figure)

Step 3 : Once duplicated, you will be able to view the file in figma.

Step 4 : Look for a page 'Hello, Welcome' in Figma. You will be having a set of instructions to export the required gradient.

Lifetime access

If you bought this, you have my heart and thank for supporting me.

you will be notified as a first priority of any updates/new releases.

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Figma File with instructions to download Mesh Gradients

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100+ Mesh Gradient -Dreamy Pack

9 ratings
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